Dogs are unique

While other animals can show some sort of affection and companionship, very few come close to the levels that the dog brings to a family. Unlike lions, giraffes, and other animals which usually come in a very limited variety, dog breeds are plentiful.

There are large dogs, small dogs, medium sized ones. Plus, there are dogs that can be classified as guard dogs, snow dogs, attack dogs and much more. There is a dog size, breed and ability for every family.

No two families have to own the same dog. You all get to choose the size, color, talent and more that fits your preferences and needs. This article will begin the exploration of the world of dogs.

It is a large world with a lot of information about dogs. Come along with us as we begin this journey. Dogs in our minds are a subject we can’t get enough about. We hope you feel the same.

Our World of Dogs

What is so special about dogs

Maybe you have wondered about the world’s fascination with dogs. Why are they given such a high degree of respect, praise and attention? What sets them apart from other animals?

Like cats and humans, each dog and dog breed have their own personality. While the basics remain the same, each dog has some unique about them that inspire a person to become attached to it.

They may have the functions every dog has, but their personalities, opinions likes and dislikes make them act in their independent way that can be either charming or frustrating to their owner.

What makes them so unique and special though is the ability that dogs and humans have to form their relationships. Again, like cats, these personalities draw dogs and humans closer together. The two species can bond and communicate without having a common language.

Th is bond is what makes dogs so special.

In the company of dogs- communication

While dogs can learn a few words of the language their owner uses, most of the time a dog senses what is going on through their master’s behavior. They learn their master’s tones of voice and can distinguish between different moods.

The dog can sense when their owner is angry, happy, sad and more and then adjust their communication to their master. Sometimes a master just needs to do a hand signal and the dog knows exactly what is meant by that movement.

You may have experienced this yourself through your pets as a child. Dogs can communicate well if given the chance.  This ability builds the relationship between humans and dogs and contributes to their specialness.

In the company of dogs- contribution

It is said that the domestication of livestock, (cattle, horses, and sheep, etc.), would have taken a lot longer if it were not for the dog. The abilities a dog has been given has helped humans improve their lives and their businesses.

There are good herding breeds that help keep the cattle and sheep together when you need to round them up and move them to the next pasture of corral. Then there are those breeds of dogs that make for good watch dogs.

They watch over the livestock and property of the owner. Their keen sense of smell and hearing provides you with an early alert system that technology cannot compete with. Small dogs, for some reason, seem to be the bravest of them all and ferociously protect their family and surroundings.

Dogs are social animals

This is another trait that makes the dog so special. Unlike cats who prefer to pick and choose when they will be social, dogs love to be around people and they love the interaction between each other.

The dog does not look to humans just for their daily food and water intake. They strive to become their master’s companion and will stick by their master’s side through thick and thin. They love to be where their masters are.

This is one reason dogs bark so much when they are left outside. They do not want to be alone. They want to be with their master and their family. Maybe that is why it is so easy to make them a member of the family.

Dogs crave social contact with humans when treated correctly. They like being treated well and will respond in kind. If you treat the harshly, they will respond in a harsh manner. If you treat them well, then you have no better friend.

The different sizes, weight, color, and breeds of dogs

One trait that makes dogs so attractive to humans is their variety. There is no one size fits all like lions, tigers and other animals. You can find a size and breed that fits your personality and living situation.

First off, there are more than 300 different purebred dog breeds in existence today. That number alone is staggering but when you add in the many mongrels, dogs with a mixed heritage, that number becomes mind boggling. Anyone who says they can’t find a dog breed for them hasn’t looked hard enough.

Second, these dogs all range in size and weight. From the tiny 8-pound dog to the large 250-pound dog, you will find a dog in every weight class imaginable. Third, this may be another trait that makes dogs so special to humans. You can color coordinate with them. In other words, you will find a dog in just about any color and that variety guarantees you can find one to match your color preferences and match your home’s décor. They even come with unique color patterns on their fur.

Fourth, you will find a dog in just about any size you want. There are lap dogs, small dogs, big dogs and also medium size dogs. There are outside dogs and apartment dogs. You name it, you can find a dog in that size. From the small Yorkshire Terrier to the great Dane, there is a dog to fit your desires.

Our World of Dogs

What is a dog’s purpose

This is an interesting question as there are as many purposes for a dog as there are breeds. There are dogs bred to be watch dogs or guard dogs. Their sole purpose is to make sure your property, you and your family are safe.

But that is not all they do. Dogs like the Siberian Husky are work dogs and do their best work pulling sleds through the snow. Other dogs have care giving duties. They help the sick, those with psychological issues and there are those famous dogs that work with the blind.

Then there are those breeds that herd cattle and other livestock and finally some dogs have found their purpose in just being a dog. They accompany their master to tea parties, special engagements and just sit there looking good.

It is doubtful that anyone has totally counted all the purposes a dog can fulfill. One of their special purposes is just being a friend. They will listen and not judge, providing you with acceptance when no one else will.

That unique quality is another reason why humans find dogs so special. Their dogs give their masters unconditional love when treated correctly.

What breeds are the best apartment dogs

While you can have any size dog in your apartment as a pet, it is unrealistic to think that a Great Dane, St. Bernard and other large breeds of dogs will feel happy or fit in with apartment style living.

Poodles, Chihuahua, Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers and other small to tiny breeds of dogs are usually the best apartment dogs. These dog breeds do not need a large yard to get their exercise. The apartment is usually large enough for them to get all the exercise they need to stay healthy.

If you want our opinion, you should not go above a Cocker Spaniel in size when you live in an apartment. A Beagle may be pushing the boundaries a bit but use your best judgment. Just make sure you get the dog breed that best suits you and your living situation.

There have been some famous dogs

These dogs have stood out because of who owned them or because of what they did to show their love and faithfulness to their masters. Others became famous for their extra dog activities. Here are a few of those famous dogs that have found a warm spot in our hearts:

Love & Companionship:

  1. Hachiko- was owned by a Japanese university professor and he met his master every day at the local train stop until his master died one day. But for 9 years after his master’s death Hachiko continued to meet that same train.
  2. Capitan- after his master died, he would spend every day for the next years visiting and grieving at his master’s gravesite. He did spend some time at home with other family members but each night he would return to the grave and mourn.

Famous owners

  1. Buddy- he was owned by President Clinton and his family while thy lived in the White House
  2. Fala- he or she was owned by FDR during his White House days. President Roosevelt had to defend the keeping of the dog when opponents complained he was costing taxpayers money
  3.  Millie- owned by George and Barbara Bush. She became even more famous when she published her non-fiction book

Service dogs:

  1. Sinbad- served in the United States Coast Guard for 11 years. He signed his own enlistment papers and was eventually awarded 6 medals for his service
  2. Lex- was a Marine Corps dog used to sniff out bombs and other enemy attacks. He came to fame by not leaving his handler’s side while wounded when his handler was killed.  He had to be dragged away from the body to get treated. He continued to service vets in retirement from active duty
  3. Appollo- and other World trade center search and rescue dogs. They were used to search for survivors after the two towers collapsed. They also suffered psychologically when so few were found.

Movies and TV dogs:

  1. Lassie- everyone knows that name and why he is famous.
  2. Rin Tin Tin- same as above. Both dogs became famous through their numerous television and movie roles.

Honorable mention:

  • Pavlov’s dogs- they became famous when the Russian researcher Ivan Pavlov used dogs to crate his behavior theory conditioned reflex.

Famous idioms

Dogs have become so special that they have made their way into idiom use. These idioms provide use with clear meaning and are understood very easily by all westerners.

  • Let sleeping dogs lie- dogs can be grumpy when they are woken up in a rude or surprisingly manner. They may even bite. The meaning attached to this idiom is telling everyone to let the situation alone and don’t make things worse.
  • Raining cats and dogs- the origin of this idiom is unknown. Some attribute it to a large number of dead cats and dogs found in the British sewer system one year. Despite that gruesome origin, all that is meant by this idiom is that it is raining very heavily

Some final dog words

Dogs give us so much. Then they turn around and ask for so little in return. They are always there for use when we treat them well, so it makes sense to explore their world and see what makes them so special.

That is probably another reason why we think dogs are so special. They give without receiving much in return. No matter the reason though, when you look at dogs, there is just something special about them.

This is why they deserve to be part of the family and sometimes treated like children. Their loyalty and compassion are unmatched in the animal kingdom. While some people can find the same levels in certain individual members of different animal species, it is not generalized throughout the whole species like dogs.

Why do we think dogs are special? Because dogs think we are special.